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Buddy's Big Adventure
In December 2001, my husband and I had decided to travel from Kansas to Michigan for Christmas, at the last minute. So two days before Christmas Eve, we packed up our 3 boys and our 10 year old lab mutt named Buddy and headed out.

Buddy is a loving, obedient and goofy sort of dog who loves to ride in our van. He is also a very skittish dog who is fearful of people he does not know (we had rescued Buddy from an abusive home when he was a puppy). In addition, Buddy has a severe form of epilepsy that requires medications twice daily to control.

On Christmas Eve, Buddy took off after one of our family members tried to remove him from our van to put him in a heated garage. He took off across a snow covered field in a rural part of Michigan and disappeared. My husband and many of our relatives starting looking for him immediately. In spite of searching for hours, by nightfall Buddy was still not home.

As an animal lover, I was worried sick and wanted to do everything and anything I could to help find him. I started calling animal communicators. Through some sort of good luck or fate I got the number for Shalini. In spite of the fact that it was Christmas Eve, she was willing to work with me in trying to find Buddy. Shalini worked with me on the phone that night for almost an hour.

Three days had passed, 18 inches of snow had fallen and Buddy was still not anywhere to be found. I was heartbroken and distraught. I had to continue to try to find him any way I could so I again called Shalini, thinking she was going to tell me Buddy had died from the cold or seizures. She did not say that he was dead, she said that he was walking North from where we had been staying with our relatives and was taking refuge from the snow underneath pine trees. My family continued to look and search for our four-legged family member.

More time passed, more snow fell and we gave up hope. We had to head back to Kansas without Buddy. It was an extremely emotional and difficult thing to do, in spite of the fact that my in-laws were going to continue to look for him by checking with the Humane Society, etc.

We were back home for about a week when I got a phone call from the local dog licensing bureau. Buddy had been found!!!!! He was 38 miles North of where he took off and was found “half dead” underneath a pine tree. Chills went down my spine at the accuracy of Shalini’s information.

I headed back to Michigan the day we got the call. Buddy had lost 17 pounds, had severe trauma to his paws and was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. It took him a good three weeks to fully recover. Now he is back to his old goofy, shy self.

I cannot thank Shalini enough for her willingness to work with me on short notice and even on a holiday!!!! The accuracy of her information still amazes me and my skeptical family. We will be loyal customers for life!!!!!

~Susan & Buddy Thompson

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