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Equine / Canine Training & Education Issues

My extensive professional background with horses and my personal interest and experience with canine performance sports and education gives me a unique perspective from which to assist you and your animal companions with issues specific to training and education.

While telepathic communication is never a substitute for years of education, it can be very helpful to be able to ask your horse if his tack is well-fitting, if she understands the new lateral movement you've just introduced, or how the angle of his new trim is affecting his work. Likewise, a seemingly difficult dog training problem can sometimes be resolved simply by clearing up a misunderstanding.

I count many horses and ponies among the most important teachers in my life. I grew up showing hunters/jumpers, moved on to riding and caring for race horses and working with broodmares/foals/stallions, I've started many young horses for various disciplines, and I've enjoyed riding with hounds and learning dressage. Many amazing dogs have been my teachers as well. I have participated with them in the obedience and breed rings, watched them fly across coursing fields, and worked side by side with my therapy dogs. I've enjoyed many other canine sports as a spectator and, through my work as a communicator, I have a special appreciation for agility competition and nose work.

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