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Guru Stotram
(last verse)

This is the final verse of a long devotional poem dedicated to one's teacher or guru. It is an affirmation of one's gratitude to that greatest and most sacred of all teachers—Truth—which is accessable to everyone because it exists within each one of us. In this verse, the many qualities of inner Truth are listed and it is stated, “I bow and am devoted to, this most important guru, Truth itself.”




The Inner Guru (teacher), Brahman (the one universal consciousness), gives bliss and supreme happiness.

The Inner Guru is absolute unity and
is the very substance of all knowledge.

The Inner Guru, by existing beyond dualism,
is absolute truth, blue sky, heaven.

To see the Inner Guru's true nature is my first
and foremost objective, this is the primary aim of my life.

The Inner Guru is one—eternal, pure, immovable,
existing as the supreme witness of the mind of all beings.

Existing beyond and free from the three gunas, or states of being.

To that Essential Guru, Truth itself, I bow.

Om. Peace (in the physical world),
Peace (in the realm of thought),
Peace (in the realm of spirit).