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Ragamala Paintings

The beautiful images in Ragamala Paintings personify the visual aspects of the various melody types in Classical Indian music. A melody type or mood is called a Raga. The structures of individual Ragas include its scale, center tone, and progressions. Improvisation then evolves from these basic structures. The Ragamala Paintings (or Garland of Ragas) depict the characteristics of the Ragas as human and animal characters interacting with one another.

The images on this site are by the artist Kailash Raj — these images and many more can be found at:

Read more about the artist:  Kailash Raj

See more of his Ragamala Paintings:  Ragamala Paintings by K. Raj

Ragini Seehuti
Ragini Madhumaadhavi
Ragini Padmanjari
Raga Chandra
Ragini Gujari
Ragini Sorathi