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“The accuracy of the physical information in Shalini's communication with my patients has been confirmed by my clinical observations. The unsolicited feedback from my clients has been very positive. I have been impressed with the level of sophistication of her ability to integrate this information with the client's situation and level of understanding. She will continue to be an integral part of my practice.”

~Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM

“Shalini has shown me that true animal communication in every sense of the word is possible; she has opened up another world to my dogs and me. She has brought to my attention changes that my girls wanted in their surroundings. She has helped me identify health problems so they could be dealt with in a more comfortable way for both my dogs. Shalini has brought me and my girls to a higher level of trust with each other than I even knew existed. She has been blessed with a talent that I am thankful she is willing to share. I look forward to many sessions with her to continue to enhance my relationship with my girls and with future animals.”

~Cheryl Johnson

“Shalini teaches me while she is communicating with my pets. Because of her unique ability to combine teaching and communication, I have been able to continue the conversation with my animals in all that we do together. Working with Shalini has really opened the flood-gates of my understanding. She also has a special talent for interviewing both humans and animals, guiding us to focus on what is important in our relationships. As a participant in my obedience classes with her own dogs, she has demystified animal communication for me and many of my students. Her willingness to transfer the gift of communication to everyone here has opened our minds and validated our belief in the intelligence of our dogs.”

~Marsha Smith, Obedience Instructor

“Shalini performs a great service not only for the animals, but also to those of us who work so hard to understand them. As a trainer, there are times when I witness the unexpected or I seem to be at a loss to understand the animal’s point of view. It’s so refreshing to be able to explain things to and get answers directly from the animals themselves. Things run so much smoother when I know what they expect of me, and when I can explain what I expect of them. Of course, it is always interesting and often humorous to let the animals show us what’s on their minds as well. Shalini has a gift with animals and with people that makes it possible for us to see into the mids and hearts of our animal friends.”

~Debbie Bauer,
Trainer, Canine Partners for Life

“Shalini constantly amazes me with the accuracy, depth, and detail of her understanding. She has helped me immensely with frequent communications over many months. I previously thought I had a very good understanding and relationship with all my animals, but our communications with Shalini have taken our relationships to a much higher level, and are now much deeper, much stronger, and more trusting. There have been confirmations of some issues, and some very revealing (and sometimes startling) surprises that I never would have recognized or understood without Shalini’s gifts and talents. She has really opened my eyes and provided incredible insight into my animals and their thoughts and emotions. The animals appreciate a higher level of understanding and confidence in me while I have developed a much greater respect for them. The complexity of their personalities, their sense of humor, and the depth of their wisdom continue to surprise and delight me.”

~Sidney Hoblit
Owner, Hoblit House
West Grove, PA
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